Melting Clocks Artwork

Melting Clocks ArtworkYou’ve probably seen melting clocks artwork around, but do you know where it comes from? These cool images originated with Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”, which began as a single painting and evolved into other works, including lithographs and sculptures. Dali’s clocks have become extremely popular, and a number of artists have created real ones that look like those in the paintings. These make really cool additions to any room, and they are great conversation pieces.

Who Was Salvador Dali?

Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish surrealist of the 20th century who created some extremely memorable and recognizable works of art. Born in Figueres, a French town near the Spanish border, Dali, is well known for his work with these timepieces. What began as a painting turned into something much larger, and today, these images are just as popular as they were when Dali first created them.

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Dali started attending art school as a child, working with charcoal before moving to Madrid in 1922 to study at the Academie de San Fernando School of Fine Arts. As an art student, Dali experimented with Cubism and Dadaist styles before getting into surrealism. His most famous painting is The Persistence of Memory, and it is from this that we get these ever-popular images.

Artwork For Your Home

You can have a number of decorative items all over your home. They look especially awesome in a rec room, and if you have any room that is decorated in a retro style, this artwork looks really great. You can get actual clocks that look like the artwork, or, you can get copies of the famous painting. Something that looks cool is when you combine lithographs, sculptures and timepieces that all have the theme. You can actually use this theme as the basis for the entire room, and decorate around your artwork. These clocks and other pieces look great in rec rooms, as well as living rooms, family rooms, and even bedrooms, especially rooms for teenagers.

If you are looking for a fun and funky way to decorate your home, you should think about hanging a few clocks, or even some of the artwork. These pieces also make terrific gifts, and anyone you give them to will have a gift that they actually like, and not something that they are going to end up re-gifting. Everyone will love receiving these as a gift as they look so cool. When you are trying to find cool items to decorate with, remember to use some of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks artwork.

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