Craft Beads And Supplies

If you’re a collector of craft supplies like me, you’re probably asking yourself “where can I buy craft beads and supplies?”

Where do you spend your valuable time searching for trinkets and buttons for use in that craft project? Do you pace up and down the sidewalk of downtown looking in all the various stores that might carry what you’re looking for? Do you search the various hallways of the malls hoping to find interesting, colorful additions to your quilt or table mat?

There are thousands of differing types of craft beads and supplies to choose from at, click here to view the fantastic range.

The Internet:

Welcome to the Internet! No longer do we have to rely on the traditional local craft store, because on the World Wide Web, there is everything from cars to valuable antiques if you know where to look. There is an unbelievable variety of beads on sale, with all manner of size, color, shape and design. Have you been to eBay lately? If you need a sewing machine or patchwork quilt pattern, this is one of the places to start.

Having searched for endless hours at the hub of Internet commerce, you can begin a quest on many online jewelry supply stores and find some amazing prices. It could be of particular importance if you’re planning to make jewelry for sale, buying beading supplies at wholesale rates. Just ‘Google-it,’ typing in ‘wholesale craft supplies’. Or even type in the phrase “where can I buy craft beads and supplies”.

Having been a buyer of online craft supplies for some considerable time, I decided to compile a list of important requirements for the great ‘bead jewelry supply’ website.

Secure Payment Page:

Identity theft is becoming more popular these days, and we need to be careful about where we share our confidential financial information. Make sure they have a secure checkout system, using encrypted servers [means all the information is sent in a coded mode, and put together again at the point of destination]. A secure page has ‘https’ in the address line, as opposed to ‘http,’ and this ensures it only sends encrypted information.

Great Value:

Of course, you want to get the lowest prices you can get for what you buy. But make sure that you buy quality as well. That means you should look for the best value (the combination of quality and price), not just the best price.

Shipping Costs:

You’ve probably had the experience of shopping on a website and thinking you found a great deal, then you get to the payment page and are surprised by a large shipping fee. Suddenly, that great deal turns out to be not quite as great as you thought.

Make sure that the bead supply website you’re using doesn’t use low prices to bring you in and then make up for it by charging high shipping costs.

Products Always in Stock:

A useful question to ask the potential merchandiser, is how reliable are their supplies. Be sure to check this out before committing to any form of long term contract. There’s nothing more annoying than to buy a particular line of bead, only to find when reordering that they are out of stock.

Good Customer Service:

Just as you want to give good customer service to your clients, so you need it from your suppliers. With the best will in the world, we all make mistakes, but the key is being able to respond quickly and effectively. Make sure your supplier has a good customer service policy and team. Is there an email address, a phone number, and a street address for the online site? Be sure to check this out.

As in all our endeavors in life, sometimes we have to compromise in order to get what we ultimately want. Like buying a house for example, you may have a list of all its requirements; 4 bedrooms, 2 washrooms, basement, double garage etc. But when you see a beautiful house that seems to be your dream home, and it doesn’t contain all your requirements, you compromise on some of them, and work to change the rest. Some of the items in the above list, I would never compromise, but when it comes to good customer service, fine quality merchandise and an efficient delivery system, you may want to pay just a little extra for the quality of the overall service.

So in response to the question “where can I buy craft beads and supplies,” I hope some of this information will be of help.

There are thousands of differing types of craft beads and supplies to choose from at, click here to view the fantastic range.

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