Tattoo Goo

Tattoo GooAlthough Tattoo Goo sounds like an individual item, it represents an entire line of products created for tattoo aftercare. The original product, Tattoo Goo, is a thick ointment that was developed to help with the healing process of a new tattoo. It is created with over 97% natural ingredients and is a comfortable way to help relieve the skin irritation that results after a new tattoo.

The ointment acts as a protective salve and moisturizer for irritated skin and can even help the colors of a tattoo look bright and new, no matter how old it is. It can also be used on minor skin irritations such as dry skin or scrapes because it moisturizes the area and acts as a layer of protection from further irritation. This quality can offer relief and healing benefits for sun burns, making it a versatile item to keep around even if you aren’t trying to heal a tattoo.

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Many Products for Many Needs

Tattoo Goo offers more than just a healing ointment. Another useful product in the line is Tattoo Goo Soap. This is an antibacterial soap that is ideal for cleansing healing tattoos and even piercings. Using a mild antibacterial soap will help encourage the healing process and prevent infections from occurring. It can also be used as a healthy hand soap.

No matter what soap you decide to use on your piercings or tattoos, it’s important to find one that will act as a germicide while not irritating the skin. Harsh products can create irritation and slow the tattoo healing process. This is where Tattoo Goo Soap is so effective, and so versatile.

If you are looking for a healthy and effective moisturizer, but don’t want something as thick as a cream or ointment, Tattoo Goo offers a lotion that is light and quickly absorbed. It helps the healing process of a new tattoo and prevents scabbing, but doesn’t feel heavy and obnoxious on the skin. It also draws no color our like some tattoo aftercare products.

This makes it a good choice for application throughout the day when you don’t want something heavy sitting on your skin or sticking to your clothing. There are different types of salves and lotions, renewing products and kits, all created for healing tattoos and piercings.

Why Sun Care is Important for Your Tattoos

If you have a tattoo, new or old, you must protect it from the sun. Excess exposure to sun is not only bad for your skin and poses an increased risk of skin cancer, but it will fade your tattoo as well. Using a good quality sunscreen is imperative to protect your skin and your tattoos.

Since it can be difficult to make sure you have enough sunscreen covering your tattoos, specially designed sticks of sunscreen have been developed with tattoos in mind. They allow precise and even coverage of a small area. Tattoo Goo’s Color Guard Sunscreen Stick combines SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen with “good for your skin” moisturizers, ideal for protecting your ink.

If you don’t spend much time in the sun, Color Guard can also be used to help renew the skin and brighten the look of your tattoo. Simply apply it twice a day and you will see results quickly.

Proper skin care for a tattoo can’t be stressed enough, and that is what makes the entire Tattoo Goo line indispensable. These products offer vitamins and moisturizers that will help your skin renew its cells and prevent scabbing and dryness, especially if your tattoo is new. Older tattoos are also given new life, with the inexpensive Tattoo Goo protecting your ink and investment for years.

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