Hand Sanitizer Soap

Hand Sanitizer SoapWith so much concern these days about germs, using hand sanitizer soap can be an effective way to reduce your risks. Keeping your hands properly cleansed and sanitized, especially during cold and flu season, is one of the most important preventative measures you can take. Research has shown that colds, contrary to popular beliefs and misconceptions, are not caused only by cold weather conditions. Colds are spread through contact with droplets from someone who has the virus. So, to limit your chances of contracting colds and other types of illnesses, you should learn about how to take proper preventative care.

Hand Sanitizer Soap to Prevent Infection

Your best bet in the battle to stay disease and infection free is to use this type of soap or an alcohol based hand sanitizer that does not require water. There are key times when it is a good idea to wash your hands, for other reasons in addition to avoiding illness. First, there are certain times when you come in contact with certain things that you should wash after.

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Throughout the course of the day you tend to collect germs on your hands. You do this by coming in contact with things such as people or certain surfaces. Once you have these germs, you actually contract an illness if these germs come in contact with your mouth, nose or eyes. No matter what, it would be impossible to keep your hands free of germs, completely. Limiting the amount you are carrying around, however, reduces your risk of infection.

Before and After

There are times when you should wash before or after certain things occur. For instance, before you prepare food or eat, or come into contact with food for any reason, your hands should be washed, thoroughly. If you are going to touch your eyes, especially when inserting or removing contact lenses, wash first. Also, if you will be treating an open wound, administering medicine or coming in contact with an ill person, sanitize first.

You should also wash following anytime you prepare food, especially if you handle meat. Of course, if you come in contact with dirty diapers, change the cat litter, use a dog excrement bag or use the toilet, you should scrub up. Also, if you handle garbage of any sort, immediately wash your hands or use sanitizer.

If you touch a sick person or blow your nose, follow up with proper sanitation and help prevent the spread of disease. There’s a long list of other times you should do it; this is just a general idea. When in doubt, you can never wash too much with hand sanitizer soap.

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