Chanel No 5

If you ask about the best, and most famous perfume on the market, most people will immediately say Chanel No 5. Even those who know nothing about perfume and don’t wear it know the Chanel name and about the highly coveted No 5.

Chanel No 5Do you know where these perfumes came from? The flowery and feminine scents which are the Chanel line were originally a commission. Coco Chanel hired perfume maker Ernest Beaux to create a set of 6 scents for her. Each of those scents was to bear her name and be numbered appropriately (Chanel No 1, Chanel No 2, etc).

All six of the perfumes were created and put on the market. While most were appreciated as magnificent scents, something about Chanel No 5 took that scent to the top of the market.

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Coco Chanel had a good idea this was going to happen. Before Chanel No 5 was marketed, she shared it with her friends and the visitors to her boutique. Once the scent hit the air, everyone was drawn in by it and wanted it for their own.

Some may wonder what the mystery of this scent is. The truth is that it is just a skilled perfume mixer with a keen understanding of how scents can be brought together. In this case, flowers such as jasmine, and other unique blooms were blended together to create a scent that almost seems as if a fresh and exotic bouquet has been set out to fill the room. It brings about a feeling of romance and beauty all at once.

It is important to keep in mind that many think of the sense of scent as one that can completely set a mood. Think about what happens when you encounter an attractive scent. It could be a scent of cherries that makes you think back to the pies that your grandmother used to make. Perhaps the scent of a particular flower will take you back to your youth, when the yard was in bloom. This is the mystery of scent that perfume companies understand.

Another thing that made Chanel No 5 so coveted at the time is the jasmine oil that is used in the making of the perfume. While many people know of the jasmine flower, they may not know about the process that jasmine must undergo in order for oil to be extracted from the flower. This process is very difficult and detailed, and therefore very expensive.

Chanel No 5 has been able to withstand the test of time. It has hardly lost any adoration in the eyes of those who love their perfume since it’s release in 1921. Since that time, those who have lauded the use of Chanel No 5 include Marilyn Monroe, and Nicole Kidman. These are both women who have been considered beauty and fashion icons of their time who say that part of the complete overall image of a woman includes more than clothes, but her perfume. For them, the choice is Chanel No 5.

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