Versace Perfume

Versace PerfumeVersace Perfume took root in 1991. Since then, there have been over 21 perfume fragrances for women designed by the world famous couture Gianni Versace and later, his daughter Donatelli. Versace began his career as an apprentice for his mother and in 1978, the first collection for women earned him praise from the international community of fashion designers.

While some of these perfumes are recommended for casual wear, others were designed for evening and formal wear as well. Here are some examples of the Versace perfume line:

Versus Perfume by Versace was created in 1991. Its scent includes a mix of plum, rose, cedar wood, iris, musk, and amber.

Among those that incorporate a flowery fragrance are: Red Jeans Perfume by Versace, created in 1994. This scent possesses a blend of jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and lily. Baby Rose Jeans Perfume by Versace was launched 1995. Its scent consists of blends such as mandarin, violet, sandalwood, and vanilla.

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Three Versace perfumes that incorporate floral and musk include: Yellow Jeans Perfume by Versace, created in1996. It has a mixture of blends such as mimosa, white peach, yellow flowers, and a hint of musk; Vs (v/s) Perfume by Versace, created in 1998, its blend includes floral with tints of amber and musk; and Metal Jeans Perfume by Versace, launched in 2000, possesses a blend of a fruity floral of greens and musk;

Versace Essence Emotional Perfume by Versace was created in 2000. Considered to be a sharp, gentle, floral fragrance, it possesses a blend of fresh fruits and flowers, with tints of amber and aromatic woods.

The Versace Perfume collection then created three distinct fragrances as a three-part series in 2002: Time to Relax, Time for Pleasure, and Time for Energy. Each offered its own scent such as a blend of greens; mandarin, amber, oolong tea, schizandra berry; and a more flowery refreshing scent, respectively.

A more chic perfume was created in 2002 called Jeans Couture. With a perfect blend of orange flower, plum, freesia, iris, black jasmine, musk, heliotrope, sandalwood, and vetiver; this perfume was a solid hit among women.

In 2004, Crystal Noir Perfume by Versace was born. It is a combination of seductive, sensual yet sweet blend of gardenia, peony, amber, sandalwood, orange blossom that made any woman feel elegant.

A new Versace Perfume has just been created called simply “Perfume by Versace.” With its fresh dew drops sweetened by lush, hydroponic guava and icy hints of black currant, this Versace perfume combines flowers such as orchid, lotus flower and nymphea accompanied by a veil of musk and warm Kashmir wood. The tints of wisteria, lilac, jasmine, vetiver and cedar are sure to make this Versace Perfume fragrance a winner.

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