Chanel PerfumeChanel has gained a reputable image for numerous products. They have become extremely recognizable for their bags, skincare, and beauty products. However, they are most well-known for their extensive perfume line-up. Here are four Chanel perfume options you can choose from to shower yourself with.

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1. N5
Within this series you will find a plethora of options to choose from including Sensual Elixir and Parfum purse spray. As with many Chanel products, these are on the high end ranging from $70-$100 depending on the bottle size. This series offers a voluptuous way of intensifying your fragrance experience.

2. Chance
This series is a young scent for those who are looking to revitalize their youth. It offers waves of coolness and freshness that combine with floral notes. In addition to these scents, it merges with sensual, sweet and spicy elements to give you the entire realm of beauty.

3. Allure
This Chanel series compliments every woman perfectly with a clean and sheer scent. In addition, it brings out the warmth and sexyness in each woman. There are several different options you have to choose from making it more than easy to find the ideal scent for you.

4. Coco
The last series you will want to look into is Coco. This series is mysterious and provocative with bit of sensuality. It brings out a plethora of flavors and scents as it is built on a major amber-y chord, embellished perfectly with flowers, and warmed sweetly with wood and leather. There is no question that this is a mystifying scent that is guaranteed to satisfy.

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