Burberry Perfume

Burberry PerfumeKnown worldwide as a famous fashion designer, Burberry Perfume was launched in 1996 with the Burberry Classic perfume. Its distinctive design, an ivory package lined with the signature Burberry plaid, has become widely known for its clean and fresh fragrance.

The Burberry Classic for women can be described as a sensual fragrance, with scents including: black currant, green apple, peach, jasmine, sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla.

Another classic perfume is the Burberry Touch which comprises scents such as jasmine, Madonna lily, peach, raspberry, and tuberose. It has an oriental fragrance that is sure to please.

The Burberry Brit is another oriental fragrance that mixes sugars and spices such as Italian lime, icy pear, green almond, sugared almond and white peony. In addition, it has tints of amber, mahogany wood, Tonka beans and vanilla.

Another Burberry favorite is the new Burberry London Perfume. Modern, yet elegant, it reflects the lifestyle of London and exudes confidence for any women who wears it. Its scent includes Clementine, Honeysuckle, English Garden Rose, Tiare flower, Jasmine, Peony, Veil of Musks, Indian Sandalwood, and Patchouli. Modern, yet feminine, this fragrance is touted to embrace international scents.

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The Burberry Brit is more of a playful fragrance that emphasizes one’s individuality. It is a classical, green-oriental blend of fruits, nutty essences, and amber as well as vanilla and Tonka bean. A woman who wears this fragrance is sexy, unique, and impulsive.

Burberry also makes fragrances for men. Some of these include: Burberry London, which is uniquely designed in its signature plaid wrap. It is a sexy scent and has tints of cinnamon, black pepper, port wine, and tobacco with a wood-based aroma. Classically designed for the British gentleman, this is one fragrance that has been as popular for men as the aforementioned fragrances have been for women.

The Burberry Touch is another aromatic wood fragrance for men that invoke a fresh yet invigorating air. Its scents include Artemisia, mandarin tree and violet leaves as well as nutmeg, Virginia cedar wood, white pepper, skin musk, Tonka beans, and vetiver.

The Burberry Weekend is a wonderful fragrance designed for men and denotes a fresh musky fragrance with a citrus blend. Its scents include grapefruit, lemon and tangerine. With tints of ivy leaves, oak moss, sandalwood, amber, honey, and musk, this is one fragrance that is sure to please any man with is pleasing and refreshing fragrance.

Burberry Perfume has been around for 12 years, and its perfumes and fragrances for women and men continue to remain at the top of the list for not only their unique packaging, but also for their sexy, sensual, clean and fresh fragrances that are attributed to this well-known fashion designer.

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