Glucose Test Strips

Glucose Test StripsThere are many steps involved to taking care of your diabetes, and using your glucose test strips is just one of the critical steps. Getting your monitor and your test strips are a crucial part of monitoring your diabetes so you can also monitor your overall health. Those you choose will come down to getting the kind you think will work best for you.

In order to make sense of it all, this is certainly something you should discuss in detail with your physician. From there if you follow your doctor’s orders, managing your diabetes can be easier but should be done as instructed. Everything about your life may be changing a bit, but with careful planning you can still have an enjoyable quality of life.

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What You Will Need to Know

These types may be new to you, but once you have used them for a little while it will become second nature. Generally, they need to be compatible with the type of meter you get. What you are looking for when it comes to a blood glucose testing meter are the following traits:

• Accuracy – There is no point in using a meter and strips if the readings won’t even be correct.
• Speed – Obviously the quicker you get your results the better as sometimes you test when you are feeling as though your sugar levels are high or low.
• Easy Results – The less of a blood sample that is required the better.

Your doctor will show you how to use yours, and before long it will take no time at all.

When to Test & Other Details

Part of taking care of yourself means knowing when to test your blood glucose levels. Here are some key times to make sure you use your meter:

• Morning – as soon as get up
• Evening – before you retire for bed
• Before you eat regardless of whether it is a snack or a full meal
• Before and after any serious physical activities especially sport and exercise

Monitoring how you feel is also an important indicator. Anytime you feel your levels are high or low it is extremely important to use yours to make sure you are where you should be. The longer you use your meter the more obvious these moments will become.

The bottom line is to always trust your instincts. If something feels off, then take the time to test yourself and care for yourself accordingly. For that reason the meter you choose should also be easy to transport so you have it with you at all times.

Using your glucose test strips may seem intimidating at first, but things have become a lot easier over the years. The process is far less complicated now than it was even a decade ago.

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