Colored Contacts

Have you ever wished that you had a different color of eyes? If you have ever wanted blue, or green, even violet eyes, they now make colored contacts that can change the color of your eyes.

Colored ContactsBefore, these contacts were only used cosmetically to enhance the color of your eyes and they did not correct any sight problems that you might have had. Now, however, there are many prescription contacts that come in different colors, not only helping you see but making you look better.

If you already have blue or green eyes, these colored contacts can deepen and make your color more dynamic. If you have lighter eyes, then you will have more success in completely changing the color of your eyes. If you have extremely dark eyes, however, you may not be able to get the same effects that you desire.

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They are improving though, and color tinted contacts are allowing you to do more—even with darker eyes. These contacts come in a variety of colors including amethyst and violet.

Colored contacts are not the only type of cosmetic lenses on the market. There are opaque lenses that are used mostly by actors, and they even have lenses that will make you look like you have cheetah or alien eyes.

There are also light filtering contacts that will enhance a specific color. These lenses can help a player or audience keep track of the ball at sporting events like golf and tennis. There are many different types of colored contacts and they can be used cosmetically, dramatically, or athletically.

Choose from a wide range of colors at, colored contacts to suit your eyes…

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