a Portable Breathalyzer

Portable BreathalyzerIf you host a lot of parties or you are a bartender or bar owner, having a portable breathalyzer machine can be a great way to give yourself a little peace of mind and the ability to rest assured that you are not allowing someone (including yourself) to drive when they are legally impaired. However, they should not give you a false sense of security. If there is any doubt that a person should be driving or they appear to be impaired, they should not be driving regardless of the results of the breathalyzer.

There are several types of breathalyzers that can be bought for personal, home use including those that are just used a single time and then thrown away. These disposable breathalyzer tests are fairly simple and cost effective and can be perfect for those who only go out a time or two a year and want to make sure that they are not exceeding the legal limit.

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As a bar owner, someone who owns a restaurant that sells alcohol or just a person who enjoys throwing parties, you might be held legally responsible if you serve someone who is already at or near the legal limit. Imagine that your guest is leaving your home or establishment and gets pulled over. That person could then legally hold you responsible for allowing them to leave in their condition. It sounds strange, but that is how the law works sometimes. But, you cannot simply rely on the readings of your breathalyzer to protect you. If you are stumbling, slurring your words or otherwise acting like you are not capable of driving, you can still be arrested and charged with impaired driving, even if the resulting police breathalyzer test shows that you are not at the legal limit.

Before you start using the breathalyzer, you have to sit down with the manual so that you know exactly how it works and the tips to getting the best and most accurate reading. One tip will be to make sure that you’re not using the device for a full fifteen minutes after eating or drinking anything. Most types of breathalyzers work by testing the breath from the lungs.

Once you have tested once or twice, you will be a pro, more than capable of testing your friends and family as well as others. When you are testing yourself, make sure that you are not relying on the information to help make decisions about your ability to drive. A portable breathalyzer is a useful tool, however it is not the only one that you should rely on.

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