Dunkaroos is a trademarked snack food produced by the Betty Crocker company. It was launched and introduced to the marketplace in 1988. We’ll talk a little further about this fun and delicious snack food.

The product includes a small box which contains kangaroo shaped cookies. It also includes either chocolate, vanilla or rainbow frosting which is used as a dipping sauce. The cookies are made in cinnamon, honey, graham, or chocolate chip flavor.

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People dip the cookies into the dipping sauce before they are eaten. Each snack pack contains about ten cookies and enough dipping sauce for them all.

The box has a kangaroo mascot on the outside and contains six individual snack packs of the cookies and frosting/dipping sauce.

The original mascot was called Sydney, who was a kangaroo which wore a green hat, green vest, striped tie and spoke with an Australian accent. The mascot was changed in 1996, when the company started a contest to allow children to submit new designs.

The winner of the contest was introduced in January 1997 and was called Duncan the Dunking Daredevil. He was depicted in commercials of attempting daring feats of dunking his Dunkaroos but he always failed.

The produce grew in popularity so another flavor was added. There was even a Shrek special edition produced shortly after the movie was introduced.

These products are still available but are limited to two flavors. You can find them throughout the US and Canada primarily in places like Costco, Walmart or Dollar General.

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