an Outdoor Firebowl

Outdoor FirebowlWhen your landscaper suggested adding an outdoor firebowl to your patio area, you thought she was crazy. But after a few beautiful, starry, winter nights huddled around the orange glow of a roaring fire, you are convinced that it was one of the best ideas ever. And while no one is suggesting that you can use the firebowl year-round in every part of the country, there are certainly some milder, winter nights that are just perfect for this kind of gathering. The firebowl is not just for cooler nights- you can enjoy the summer nights gathered there as well.

From the time that the very first spark of fire was discovered, man has gathered in circles to watch the dance that happens inside of every blaze, to keep warm and to be close to loved ones. Is it any wonder then that so many gatherings focus on fires? How many people are interested in having a fireplace in their home?

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If they cannot have one because of the expense or because of design factors, they might do the next best thing and put a firebowl outside, choosing to entertain there as much as is reasonable. There are even those brave souls who will bundle up and go outside to have a small fire before they rush back in once again.

For some people, the firebowl is the perfect way to incorporate all of the elements into your outdoor decorating scheme. The patio or deck is supposed to be like another room, a room without walls. Using all of the elements, (fire, air, water and earth) is easier outdoors because you already have air and earth in place. It is a design concept that is often used indoors as well.

The size and shape of your firebowl will influence not only how it looks, but how it works as well. The larger the bowl, the larger the fire you can have, while a smaller firebowl can be used as an accent piece. There are decorating schemes that use several smaller firebowls instead of just a single one. The firebowl itself is usually round, but there are other designs that use other shapes surrounding the bowl including geometric and free form. If you are creative, you can even try your hand at making your own firebowl design.

Most of these firebowls are about knee height, although there are some that can be much taller. Be aware that those that are not meant for extreme weather conditions will have to be stored during the winter months or they will rust through and be of no use at all. An outdoor firebowl will quickly become one of your favorite additions to the yard for entertaining and quiet nights alone.

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