Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow sandals have become one of the top three best-selling brands of sandals, alongside Reef and Teva, in the United States. The company specializes in both men’s and women’s style flip-flops using leather, hemp, and rubber. Jay “Sparky” Longley created Rainbows Sandals, Inc. in 1974 working from his garage in Laguna Beach. Longley was making about fifteen pairs of sandals a day, using leather and Malaysian rubber. The company relocated to San Clemente where production increases rapidly.

Rainbow SandalsWhen the company first started, Rainbow sandals were sold exclusively in California, but since has become a dominant force all across the United States. There are two stores dedicated solely to selling Rainbow Sandals, located in Los Angeles and New York City. Because they are made with a leather thong and foot bed, and because of the way they are put together, Rainbow sandals are considered by many to be on the higher-end of flip-flops—pairs costing around forty dollars in most cases.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles or New York City, you can buy Rainbow sandals online at Amazon.com, at the warehouse in San Clemente, or in various clothing stores like Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun, and Journeys. There are recommendations of how to break in your sandals. They were designed for athletes on the beach and in the water, so it helps if you get them wet and move around in them. This will stretch them out and help them form to your feet. You can also stretch them out with your hands or do something like put a water bottle in them at night.

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