It is such a simple concept, but it is amazing at how popular Heelys have become. Anywhere you look you will find kids rolling around on shoes that have become known as Heelys. These are the name brand shoes that have wheels embedded in the heels. With a simple button, kids or indeed adults can pop the wheels down and be on their way. Patented in 2000 by Roger Adams these shoes/roller boots have become extremely sought after.

Boys HeelysBecause these shoes are a must for any and every child, you are probably wondering ‘where can I buy Heelys’. You will be happy to find out that you can purchase them just about anywhere that sells shoes. Because of how popular they are, most retail stores that sell shoes will sell Heelys.

The first place to look is Amazon.com, a reliable and trusted internet site.

You will certainly want to make a trip to your local mall to see what stores have to offer you. You may be able to find Heelys in the kids department of JC Penny’s, Dillards and any other store similar to this.

Girls HeelysFrom there, you will want to look at different sporting goods stores. You will find that some Sports Authorities do sell Heelys. If you cannot find them in the store, certainly look online, this is our most recommended route. Because of how popular the item is, you will have no problem finding Heelys to purchase on the internet, and most likely and a much better price.

The first place to look is Amazon.com, a reliable and trusted internet site.

It is important you understand the size these shoes go up to. The largest size you will find heelys for boys and men is up to 12 while for women the largest adult size is 9. Aside from this, you will have no problems finding yourself a pair of heelys to purchase.

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