There have been a number of revolutionary shoe companies and styles that have changed the footwear industry. Everything from pumps to the Converse All-Star highs has had an impact on this industry. However, the release of Bapes shoes has done it again

Bapes FootwearThe release of this hip hop and urban trend has had an impact worldwide. These shoes are extremely unique and have started a trend. While it did feed off of the highly popular Nike Air Force Ones, Bapes do have their own unique and different style.

The best place to buy Bapes is on eBay, because styles are generally limited edition it one of the most recommended for a great deal.

The overall goal of this company was certainly not to build an athletic shoe. Instead, the intentions were strictly on creating a limited sneaker that few others have imagined. What separates this style of shoe from other sneakers is the shiny patent leather and bright colors. It has certainly separated Bapes shoes from other casual shoes.

Bapes ShoesThese shoes became extremely popular in the US in 2004 with stars including Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Cassidy sporting the style. The downside is the price as most start at approximately $200 per pair. However, what you need to understand is that Bapes are much more limited than other styles like the Air Force Ones.

Many of the Bapes shoes were made in runs of less than 200. This makes it extremely difficult to get your hands on a pair. But if you are lucky enough to do so, it is well worth the high price tag. 

Check out and bookmark this eBay page to keep an eye out for a pair your size..

With the unique style and limited edition, this is one brand that has made its name worldwide. If you can get your hands on a pair, consider yourself lucky.

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