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TOMS ShoesThe great thing about TOMS shoes is that this is a company and product you can feel good about wearing and supporting. The company was launched in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. His venture to Argentina is what inspired his new vision to help try to inspire change.

After seeing the poverty level living conditions, the company founder was really taken aback by the number of children who had no shoes. The beauty of the company is that for every pair bought, the company matches this with a new pair for children in need. It was the generous nature of the people he met during his trip to Argentina that made Mycoskie eager to do something in return.

All about Giving Back

So when you shop for these shoes, you are doing more than buying cool footwear; you are also helping give back. The great news is that in September of 2010 the company gave its one millionth pair of shoes away. In fact this has enabled the company to branch out and help give to more than 20 countries.

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This One for One Movement has been getting plenty of press and awards too. One of the many awards the founder has received includes the Secretary of State’s 2009 Award for Corporate Excellence, which was presented by Hilary Rodham Clinton. Blake Mycoskie spends a great deal of time speaking to the youth of today and trying to show them how they can make a difference in the world.

What’s Available

Of course, it still comes down to having a product worth buying, which they do. From men’s, women’s and children’s shoes to even eyewear, there is something for everyone. They even have brand logo apparel in an effort to raise awareness and spread the name and the mission behind the brand.

The footwear has branched out quite a bit since its inception. However the classics and variations of the classics are available for purchase. The newer lines also include fashion forward designs including boots. Or you can simply give a gift card.

Some of the categories for shopping include:

• Apparel & Accessories
• Artist
• Botas
• Classics
• Cordones
• Eyewear
• Stitchouts
• Vegan
• Campus
• And even Wedding Style

Watch for other specialty items such as Glitters for Women and Youth shoes. Tiny, which covers kids 0 to 5 years of age, includes several of these as well as Mary Janes.

When you shop for eyewear you will find sunglass categories including:

• Beachmaster
• Windward
• Lobamba
• Marco
• Maverick
• Navigator

The great thing is that the eyewear is set up under the same One for One program. So for every pair of glasses purchased, a pair of prescription glasses is donated.

The bottom line is that TOMS is about giving back above all else. The fact that you can also get stylish footwear and eyewear while helping make the world a better place is just an added bonus.

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