Mary Jane Slippers

Mary Jane SlippersThere has been some interesting talk about Mary Jane slippers these days. It seems that there is some renewed interest in crochet and knit projects, and these are one of the hottest projects. But for those who like the look of these but do not have either the time or the talent to make them on their own, there are other styles, including ones made from other types of materials. Back in the old days, the Mary Jane brand were only available in black, but those days are long gone.

As a gift idea, these can be tricky- it may depend on who you are buying them for and the occasion at hand. For instance, if you buy them for a girlfriend who was honestly thinking that it is time to get an engagement ring, you might be asking for trouble. But if you buy these for your mother for practically any kind of event or gift giving occasion, you should be golden.

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Another time these are greatly appreciated might be for a new mother who will love that they are soft and comfortable and not at all restrictive on their feet while they are up and about caring for a newborn. Soft enough to leave on while they are sleeping, they allow the new mommy to have warm feet and can be washed after all of the potential mishaps that can befall them.

Because they are available in so many different color choices, these can be paired with a robe for an even better gift idea. They can be tucked inside of an Easter basket in the spring time and slipped into a Christmas stocking in the winter. They make good grab bag gifts as well. For someone who is able to crochet, there are patterns online- making these a wonderful item to use for craft sales and fundraisers. In fact, they can be so much fun to make that some people might enjoy having the materials and the pattern to make their own instead of buying the already completed versions. That way, they can add their own small touches and express their own individuality in the process.

If you are buying these as a gift, it is best to have a general idea of the size because although they do have some stretch to them, they should still be at least moderately fitted to the foot that will be wearing them. Your gift of Mary Jane slippers will be one that is greatly appreciated.

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