Tomb Raider Costumes

Tomb Raider CostumesThe minute you think of the Tomb Raider costume, you think of Lara Croft. For most people, the thought of Lara Croft brings up the images of the gorgeous actress who brought her vividly to life, Angelina Jolie. If this is your costume choice, then it is simply accomplished, but to pull it off with any kind of success, you might consider your workout sessions as more important than what you are wearing. There are a few costumes in the world where what you are covering up might be every bit as important as the clothes you are putting on.

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Lara Croft, as portrayed in the game and in the movies, is a dark haired adventuress. There are several costumes, some skimpy and others far more realistic, but all dangerously sexy. The most commonly thought of costume consists of a high necked, short sleeved blouse, cut quite close to the body and a pair of khaki or black shorts. There are other versions of course, including one that is almost a painted on body suit and one that is nothing more than a black bikini. Most show off the tight and toned torso of Angelina to perfection, but you can adjust accordingly. If you don’t have a nicely toned tummy, then wear a longer shirt or go for the full body suit.

Accessories for the Lara Croft look will of course include weapons. In most of the movie’s promotional pictures, Jolie is seen holding two handguns, occasionally crossed over her chest. She sometimes has other weapons or improvises, but for the purpose of your dress up event, stick with the two handguns.

Croft has dark hair, both in the game and in the movies. Jolie wore her long dark hair in a loose braid that twitched sensuously down her back, an easy to recreate look for real hair and for wigs. Another version has Croft wearing shorter, dark hair so that could work for you as well.

Shoes for Lara Croft are important because she is an adventuress and needs sensible shoes that can be worn in the many dangerous situations she gets stuck in. Boots or hiking shoes are a good choice to wear. Other items that you can wear are a tool belt that can hold your many weapons. The good thing is that you don’t have to go too overboard with makeup, maybe a light coating of mascara and lipstick, yet another of the blessings of choosing the Tomb Raider costume.

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