Street Fighter Costumes

Street Fighter CostumesGamers know that Street Fighter costumes will always be a popular choice for Halloween and other dress up events. They are also popular at a number of different conventions, and show up at some of the gaming competitions as well. But, while they are very popular to wear, there might be a problem: choosing the one you want.

For the boys, there are several options including Ken, Ryu and Akuma. Akuma was named for a Japanese demon and is very interesting to say the least. He wears the traditional gi, but his is electric blue instead of white. To pull off this look correctly, you will need to have a wig unless you have somehow been blessed with very bright, red hair that you wear tied at the top. Ken and Ryu have much more normal looking hair. Ken’s gi is red with black trim, while his rival Ryu wears the most traditional gi in white with black trim. Shoes for all three can be black shoes, even athletic shoes.

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For women and girls, the choice is Chun Li, a beautiful warrior woman who wears a blue and white trimmed dress, cut about mid thigh or slightly shorter. She also wears white, patent leather boots. If you choose to be more traditional with this costume choice, you will need shorter, dark hair, which you can accomplish with a wig. If you prefer not to wear the white boots, you can wear white shoes as well.

These costumes are often found at lowered prices around Halloween time, but are typically limited in the styles and the sizing and may be of lesser quality. If you are going to be wearing yours for conventions or for other types of events, it is best to have one that will be long lasting and attractive. That might mean steering clear of some of the more obvious places, including the big box retailers that put out their costumes in late September or so and then are typically sold out of all but the least popular by the middle of October. They never carry more than two or three of each style and each size and may be limited in the sizing that they do have.

You can buy your costume online if you have an idea of the size you need. Remember, there is not a uniform size in costumes, so it is best to know what your size is in each costumer’s brand. You want a cool costume, of course, but you also want your Street Fighter costumes to fit well.

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