Spock Costumes

Spock CostumesA very shy person can still enjoy a big Halloween party, dress up event or even a sci-fi convention if he wears a Spock costume. Spock, the Vulcan, is the perfect choice for people who are shy or a little more reserved because of his very nature. You don’t have to try to be more outgoing, and standing around watching people dance and make fools of themselves is almost a requirement.

A simple costume, it is merely the uniform of the Starship Enterprise. You can buy one ready made if you would like, but you can save a ton of money by making a knock off on your own. You start with a pair of black dress trousers and a long sleeved, blue pullover top. You can draw on the insignia over the left breast, and your Spock costume is completed. Now all that you will need is the right hairstyle and, of course, the finishing touches. No self respecting Spock would be seen without the trademark arched brows and the pointed Vulcan ears. Of course, you get big bonus points if you can do the Vulcan hand gesture.

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To complete the look, you need the right shoes. If you walk into a sci-fi convention or other event in a pair of sneakers, or even worse, a pair of sandals, you might be laughed out of the place. The truly dedicated Trekkies might actually burst into tears when they see that. Regardless of what happens, rest assured that no one will be very happy, including yourself. To be right, stick with slick black dress shoes without any type of ornamentation.

Because it is a timeless look, you can actually buy a higher priced, quality costume and then get your use out of it over the coming years. If you are a Star Trek fan, you can have viewing parties where you encourage your friends and other guests to come dressed in their favorite costume. Don’t be shocked to see several Spocks, more than a few Kirks and maybe even a few Romulans that you can declare war on during the evening.

For some people, having an official costume is an absolute must. That means, at least to them, that it is a licensed product, one that has been officially approved. For others, it just has to look good, but does not have to have a pedigree of any kind. And for still others, the Spock costume is just the perfect way to stay true to who they really are.

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