Resident Evil Costumes

Resident Evil CostumesWith four movies to choose from, there are very few limits to your Resident Evil costumes. The vicious zombies and the dangerous dogs are a good place to start as are the victims and the doctors. Of course, there are other choices, but you don’t have to limit yourself to exact characters from the movie or the game. Thankfully, the story line gives you a little more room to be creative and you can come up with new story lines or costume choices of your own. That is one of the best things about these kind of costumes, the unlimited choices.

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With every new installment of the movie series, there are new characters and story lines to explore. The action moves to different locations and that changes the type of people and creatures that are involved as well. With that being said, it is important to realize that there are only a few limits if you want to make your own costume. For instance, you have to think about whether or not that creature or type of person would actually be there. What would they be doing if they were involved in the story line? Once you answer these questions, you can come up with a great costume choice on your own.

If you would prefer, there are a number of costume choices that are officially licensed. These are usually more expensive than other types of costumes and may be more difficult to find. Certain costumes might only come in certain sizes with other sizes represented in only very small numbers. Because costumes tend to run small, no matter who makes them, it may be even more difficult to find your Resident Evil costume.

Additionally, all professionally packaged and licensed costumes may not have all of the accessories that you need. If you would like, you can do a little research online, looking at photos so you have an idea about hairstyles, shoes and jewelry. You might also take a look at the characters and the weapons that they carry. It may not matter who carries what unless you are going to a convention. If you are going to go to these types of events, then every detail must be spot on perfect.

Be careful that you don’t overdo the creativity though –you might take the costume so far to the side of original that no one can put it with the others from the series. You want to have a fresh take on your look, but still have it recognizable as Resident Evil costumes.

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