Mortal Kombat Costumes

Mortal Kombat CostumesMortal Kombat costumes can be worn without any problem for everyone from the very small to the adult. You can make your own character in the game as well as for your dress up occasions, so even if you are not in complete approval of certain characters, you can make your own. For instance, some of the female characters in the game are very skimpily glad and may cause some discomfort for a parent of a teen daughter.

Mileena and Kitana, two of the main, female characters wear very little on their taut and toned bodies. It almost makes you wonder how they manage to battle anyone at all. Mileena’s costume is an open torso design of pink and black with very little covering her or giving her any protection at all. Kitana’s outfit is pretty much the same only in different colors. If you are a little reluctant to allow this style of costume for your daughter or to wear it for yourself, you can modify a little bit or start with your own items and then add your own sense of flair for a more family friendly look.

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Keep in mind that if you are going to go to costume conventions or other events that how you look and what you are wearing can come under a lot of scrutiny. A famed actress was recently asked to leave Comic Con because she was dressed “inappropriately.”

The men’s costumes are sinister and dark but not as revealing. That is interesting because the women fight just as violently and as viciously as the men do. If you are a woman, you might be interested in wearing one of the men’s costumes just so that you can have a little bit of coverage. Because you are dressing in a costume, it does not matter if you are wearing something that is “supposed” to be for a man when you are not one. There are no rules especially for Halloween or other dress up events.

The shoes that you wear with these costumes might depend on the character you choose, but keep in mind that you have a little bit of flexibility since you will not be actually fighting anyone. If you want to stick close to the characters, then look at movie posters, game still or screen shots on the computer. If you want to just choose shoes that will match what you are wearing, you have that option as well. There are no limits to how you enjoy and accessorize your Mortal Kombat costumes.

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