Kirk Costumes

Kirk CostumesA friend is going to wear a Kirk costume for your upcoming party. You know he will look the part. You know he will have a great time at the party, but what you are concerned about, what you wonder about, is how he will handle certain other aspects of the character. After all, apart from the Starship uniform, there are a few things that distinguish Kirk from everyone else aboard the Enterprise. Sure, he typically wears a different color, but that is not it. When you think of Kirk, even if you have never been a Star Trek fan, what do you think of first?

To most people, even those who never watched a full episode, James T. Kirk is always going to be about the hair and the speech patterns. Shatner’s hair has always been a major source of jest, something to be lampooned and spoofed and was a hot topic at his comedy roast. To get the look yourself, slick your hair back and then spray it until it is almost a hair helmet. The more you can make it look fake and wig-like, the better it will be for the overall appearance.

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Next, your Kirk look will need the unique speech pattern. Although he is not nearly as bad as what he is made out to be by comedians the world over, there are some halting and strange pauses in the delivery of lines that can be played up. There are a number of comedians who have based entire routines on their version of Shatner’s Kirk and the odd way he speaks, but feel free to put your own flavor on the character. In fact, if you would like, you can switch things up by going completely opposite of what you would normally hear. If you are brave, try to do Kirk with no pauses at all, saying everything in one rushed breath. It certainly will set you apart and may be quite a sensation.

In the days of Star Trek, the show’s creators wanted to create a uniform that was just that- uniform with one another, everyone looking pretty much the same. But, times being what they were, there were the female uniforms that were just a little different from those of the men. No matter, it was still Kirk that had the most focus and the most screen time, another thing that has come to be played up by those who have donned the same costume. If you are shy and quiet, preferring to blend into the background and never want to be the center of attention, then there might be a problem with you wearing the Kirk costume in the first place.

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