Assassins Creed Costumes

Assassins Creed CostumesAssassin’s Creed costumes are, without a doubt, cool, but that cool can come at a price. To get an authentic costume, you might have to spend two to three times what you would be happy with or even more. A truly great costume can set you back to the tune of thousands of dollars, which is a little pricey for something that you might only wear a few times. Even if you wear it once a month for the next ten years, it will still be a little expensive to consider.

Thankfully, there are other options. With a little thought, a little planning and just a bit of creativity, you can make your own version of this super cool costume and be the hit of the night. Sure, people will whisper about the expense of your costume behind your back, but let them talk. Only you will know for sure!

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To begin, white clothes are a must. If you already own a white sweatshirt with a hood, you can use that as the basis for the costume. Make sure that the hood fits loosely, rather like a cowl around the face. Over this, you can wear a longer tunic. Over the tunic, a sash, this time in red, is tied followed by a thicker, leather belt. This belt is the method with which you transport your weapons, most notably knives and daggers.

To finish off your look, you will want to include an array of items that are meant to be defensive in nature. Fingerless, leather gloves that come up to mid arm are worn, meant to protect the hands and arms but also to give a rougher grip for hand to hand battle. Another option is wearing leather wrist cuffs, which in addition to everything else can make the Assassin just look mean and tough.

Footwear can be tricky with these kind of costumes because the typical sneaker or athletic shoe is not quite going to be right. Black or dark brown leather boots are a good choice, as are suede boots. If you happen to have military styled boots, Goth boots or even fringed, suede boots, they are even better.

A final consideration is whether or not you will include a sword. Although it does give you a very menacing look, it means that you have something extra to carry throughout the night. In a crowded party it might also mean that you trip or bump into people. Still, you are a lethal master of weaponry, so if you must, then by all means, add a sword to your Assassin’s Creed costume.

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