Addams Family Costumes

Addams Family CostumesThe range of Addams Family costumes is unbelievable. Whether you are a young girl or boy, an older woman or a tall, stoic man, there is the perfect costume for you. Even if you are a hirsute person with a taste for bowler hats, there is even something just right for you as well. Part of the charm of the Addams Family in the first place was the range of kooky but still lovable characters. Whether you grew up watching the beloved television series or are a fan of the modern, updated movie versions, the Addams Family gives us some wonderful and very fun costume choices.

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If sexy is what you are after, then what could be more perfect than Morticia Addams, the matriarch of the family? Brought to smoldering life by Carolyn Jones way back in the day, Angelica Huston poured herself into the role and the dress for the big screen. Starting with a figure hugging black dress, the Morticia Addams look is finished with pale skin, red lips and long black hair. If you want to add creepy black finger nails, feel free. If you have on the right dress, your feet will be hidden, which also is part of the reason for the strange steps that mark the character. Her husband, Gomez, is a passionate man, going crazy when his beloved wife speaks French or anything that sounds like it.

FesterFor the kids, there are the two Addams children, Wednesday and Pugsley. Little Wednesday wears a red, high collared dress and braided pig tails in her dark brown hair while Pugsley usually wears a striped shirt and short pants. But, a child can pull off the Cousin Itt costume as well- wearing nothing but hair from head to toe, with only glasses to mark his face.

If you are a very tall man, you can wear one of the most classic of these costume choices, Lurch the butler. The costume consists of an ill fitting suit, clumpy shoes and of course, the flat to the head hair style and the creepy, back from the dead facial makeup. But, no Lurch costume is complete without the booming, emotionless voice and that most familiar of lines: “you rang?”

If you are not a very tall man, you can try to fill the bill as one of the most beloved of the Addams Family members- the amusing oddball, Uncle Fester. Bald, pale and slightly misshapen, Fester was the source of great amusement for the entire family and one of the characters that was most easily recognizable. No matter which one you choose, you will have a great time in any of the Addams Family costumes.

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