Pom Poms

We see them at most sporting events and they are used by cheerleaders extensively. They are pom poms. Let’s talk more about these products.

Pom poms are usually colored round objects which are held in each hand. The object has colored pieces which emanate from the center. When they are shaken or moved, the pieces move as well and provide added impact.

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They can be made from a variety of materials like cloth, plastic or metallic coated pieces. They can also be found in all kinds of colors and styles. As indicated earlier, they are an essential part of a cheerleaders uniform. Therefore in many cases, the pom poms are designed to complement the uniform by matching or contrasting the colors.

Sometimes the pom poms are colored the same as the school colors. And some cheerleading squads may use special pom poms for different events like cheerleading competitions.

These products are available from many different sources. A great place to look for the perfect set of pom poms is online. There are many online retailers who offer many different colors, sizes, and styles of pom poms. It is also possible to custom order one or more sets in specific colors or styles.

Some styles have been developed specifically for cheerleading squads. For example some are known as unique to squads from certain universities. Or others are used for professional sports teams like NFL squads. They bring uniqueness and easy recognition in this fashion.

However they are used, pom poms are certainly a great addition and enhancement to the cheerleaders role and help to generate enthusiasm and support. Go team!

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