Jansport Backpacks

Jansport BackpacksIf you are looking for a new backpack, Jansport offers many varieties and sizes to meet virtually any need. Since 1967, JanSport has been the largest and most innovative backpack manufacturer in the world. Fortunately, whether you are shopping for a heavy-duty hiking backpack or just something for your child to use at school, the quality JanSport line has you covered. From camping knapsacks to book bags and day packs, digital protection to fanny packs, there are a lot of things to consider.

With Jansport Backpacks Size Matters … and Color, Function, Fashion, etc.

Just like shoes, everyone needs a different size backpack depending on their body frame. A young child carrying school books will obviously need a much smaller bag than a young adult attending college, or an adult going for a weekend hike. Children will also need narrower and shorter bags than an adult. Similarly, women tend to require smaller bags than men. Fortunately, whether you are small or large, young or old, male or female, JanSport backpacks probably have the perfect bag for your requirements.

Though the company was created out of a need for a front loading, versatile and durable hiking and camping backpack, JanSport now offers a wide range of products. Waist and fanny packs in multiple sizes and colors, outdoor travel bags, multi-day packs and one-day packs, an officially licensed collegiate line of products, as well as fashionable school and work backpacks are offered.

If you are a road warrior who is always travelling, check out the JanSport rolling bags. Just need to transport some books from the library? You will want to look at the totes the company offers. On your bike? The JanSport messenger bags are right up your alley. Need a business look? The Professional line of JanSport backpacks is as stylish as it is durable and functional.

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Your Needs Change – Your Backpack Should Too

Since your carrying needs and requirements will sometimes change, the adjustable straps on your JanSport backpack will come in handy. Every bag the company sells is easily adjustable from the front, without having to take it off of your back. On many of the backpacks the company sells, there are extra adjustments that can be made as well to ensure that your load does not move.

Most of the backpacks offered by this market leader have padded straps. This ensures that your weekend hike or daily trek to school is never uncomfortable. And with elastic binders, zippers, pouches and pockets, you have all the carrying power you will ever need.

JanSport Digital Protection

Looking for digital safety and security, and can’t match up a traditional backpack with your electronic device? JanSport does excel in backpack manufacturing, but also offers protection and functionality for your tablet, laptop or smartphone. A leading manufacturer of iPhone and iPad accessories that offer safety as well as fashion, JanSport makes products specifically for Android, BlackBerry and Windows powered mobile PCs and smartphones as well. On top of extreme quality and a virtually limitless line of products, your JanSport purchase is also protected … for life.

True Lifetime Protection

With such a wide range of products to fit literally every backpack, rucksack, knapsack and carry bag need you could ever have, it might surprise you to know that every Jansport product is guaranteed for life. The company’s return policy and guarantee of quality is very simple.

If your pack ever breaks down, simply return it to the JanSport warranty center. If it can be repaired without your fashion or quality compromised, it will be fixed and returned to you. Or you can simply ask for a replacement or refund. With more than 40 years of backpack making experience, JanSport really does provide a product for life.

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