Frozen School Bag Rucksack

Frozen School Bag RucksackIn the movie Frozen, battling Princess siblings reconcile for a happy ending, teaching valuable life lessons to the millions of youngsters that saw the popular Disney film. The story is set in a make-believe wintry kingdom ruled by Elsa the Ice Queen. And now, the icy Elsa is ready to take along thanks to an official Disney endorsement on this Frozen School Bag Rucksack, so let’s get a closer look.

What Makes the Frozen School Bag Rucksack Such a Good Purchase?

That question could be answered sufficiently from just a financial standpoint. The heavy-duty rucksack/backpack/school bag is frequently listed as the #1 Bestselling product in the Kids Backpack category at Amazon, but even so, it bears a reasonable price tag.

In the 2013 Walt Disney Pictures 3D computer-animated fantasy comedy film Frozen, we meet Elsa. As the Princess of Arendelle, Elsa possesses strong cryokinetic powers which allow her to produce and control ice, frost and snow.

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The snow Princess Elsa becomes Queen of Arendelle, eventually driving her sister Anna away from the kingdom’s palace. But at the end of the film, Elsa mends her evil ways and the sisters are reunited.

Official Disney licensing means an exact replication of the Elsa character on the back of this sturdy backpack. Her glittering, iridescent white and blue ice gown is swirling about her and continues onto the sides of the rucksack.

Elsa stares mischievously at you from the back of this pack, as she conjures a snow and ice creation. Young girls that enjoyed the movie and the Elsa character will absolutely love the Frozen School Bag Rucksack Backpack.

A strong “grab handle” on the back joins comfortable, padded shoulder straps and a large, breathable sandwich mesh construction which covers the entire back of the pack. Very durably constructed.

A complete line of officially licensed Frozen collectibles is available to complement this backpack purchase. Frozen lunch boxes, dresses, carry bags and other collectibles feature Elsa and Anna, as well as the goofy snowman Olaf, the iceman Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and the charming Prince Hans.

A padded foam interior keeps your possessions safe and secure inside. Both shoulder straps are adjustable, and long-lasting, easy-to-clean polyester makes this a smart purchase for Frozen fans and Disney collectors alike.

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