a Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc MouseIf you are considering the Microsoft arc mouse touch, you might want to look at all of its features before you buy it. It has been on the market for some time now and has been relatively quiet as far as a technology product goes which means one of two things: either it has been a good, problem free item or it was just widely greeted with boredom and disdain. Thankfully, it has been the former rather than the latter.

If you are someone who does a lot of computing on the go but just do not like the track pad function on your lap top computer, this might be a perfect mouse for you to upgrade to. It folds down to make it easier to pack, even in smaller lap top bags and cases. Once you get to where you are going, it is simply a matter of bending it to the right feeling curve which not only makes it more comfortable for your own hand but is also the way that you turn it on.

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The mouse has a little light that blinks to show you the power is on and then clicks back off to conserve battery power. But, the ability to curve the mouse to your own hand is only one of the big advantages that it has. The left-handed people of the world will rejoice because it is one of the few devices that can truly and comfortably be used by either hand.

Most devices require that they be used on flat, smooth surfaces or they will not work as well as they should. Some devices are even so touchy that they will not work at all if they are not on a desk or table. The arc touch mouse works on rough or soft material, glossy or matte finishes without a problem. It even works on softer surfaces, which means that if you are sitting on a hotel room bed and want to use your computer, you can still use your mouse there. The only restrictions to using this mouse are mirrored surfaces or clear glass. Then again, not many people are using those types of surfaces to use their computer in the first place.

The price might seem a little high for this mouse, but once you establish that it does have lengthy battery life and that it is far more convenient than alternatives, especially for those who are heavy travelers, then the Microsoft arc mouse touch is not only worth the hype but a perfect choice.

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