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Zoya Nail PolishZoya Nail Polish is different. It’s no secret that women will do almost anything to reach their idea of beauty. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes using products that can be harmful to their body, and the environment. Because of this there is a growing group of environmentally conscious women demanding products that are safe for the planet. But this should not mean sacrificing their unique fashion and style. Zoya Nail Polish such a product.

Poison Absorbed Through Polish?

Many women do not know that nail polish first arrived on the scene as a complement to artificial nails. Because this “paint” was not being applied to a woman’s actual fingernails, not much thought went into what the product was made of.

Women simply shopped for color and durability, shine and luster. But fake fingernails are not as big a trend as they were when they first appeared. Now women usually paint their own nails. This means that every woman should know exactly what is in her nail polish.

Did you know that sometimes formaldehyde, one of the main ingredients used for embalming bodies, is frequently a chemical found in nail polish? And that is far from the only scary component found in some common and popular nail polish lines.

While you think of the surface of your fingernails as very hard and durable, your nails can actually absorb chemicals which then are dispersed throughout your body. Do you want to absorb formaldehyde and other dangerous, non-organic compounds? Of course not. Fortunately, there is a healthy alternative.

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Zoya Nail Polish Arrived Out of Need

Zoya Nail Polish is a line of “green” and natural nail coatings. Zoya and Michael Reyzis are the husband-and-wife team that created this eco-friendly nail polish, right at the height of artificial and chemical-based nail polish popularity in the 1980s. Interestingly enough, the pair was perfectly matched to come up with such a healthy fingernail polish alternative.

Michael Reyzis had built a career as a highly educated chemist, and his wife became a cosmetologist after the couple immigrated to the United States. Zoya began looking for a nail polish which would not subject her to dangerous chemicals and was also earth-friendly, but there simply wasn’t any. When she discussed her frustration with her husband, the idea was born, and Zoya Nail Polish became a reality.

This toxin-free nail polish is not only healthier for the environment-minded ladies who wear it. It also makes a much safer work environment for spa and salon employees, who are often times forced to work in cramped, poorly ventilated areas. Fast-forward nearly 30 years after its creation, and Zoya Nail Polish still remains the leading healthy, natural nail polish alternative.

Stylish and Long Lasting as Well

As positive as it is for the environment, the employees who work with it constantly and for those who wear it, Zoya still demands that the nail polish which carries her name offers fashionable and stylish choices. It is also one of the highest quality and longest-wearing nail polishes available, and you benefit from improved health, fashionable design and lower cost over time.

With some nail polishes still carrying toxic chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects when used by pregnant mothers-to-be, Zoya Nail Polish is an intelligent choice for a lot of reasons. The company also offers seasonal and natural colors, holographic nail glazes, top coats, nail treatments and ever-changing products and polishes. Where can you buy this responsible yet functional polish?

You can sometimes find the versatile and eco-friendly Zoya Nail Polish line in a very limited number of brick-and-mortar retail stores. However, the worldwide reach of the Internet puts this wonderful nail polish within reach of women everywhere that demand style, quality and a social conscious from their beauty products.

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