OPI Nail Polish

OPI Nail PolishWalk into any nail salon for a manicure or pedicure, and more than likely you will be choosing from OPI nail polish. This brand has quickly become a name synonymous with the best. Even for those trendy fashionistas who like to switch up their color at home several times a week, there’s simply nothing that beats OPI.

History Behind the History Making Polish

OPI was actually launched back in the US in 1981 by an Eastern European immigrant. Today the family of the founder, George Schaeffer, still keep this a family owned business. Within a matter of years OPI had literally become the global leader for professional nail care.

In order to maintain the integrity of the products and offer only the best, the line of products is still only available to and through industry professionals. The company also retains a commitment to offering the most innovative technology when it comes to nail care. With this comes the need to keep standards high so the products are always safe for consumers.

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Colors Available

When you begin to browse the selections available, you can’t help but be impressed with the extensive line of choices. In addition to that, the brand offers many different collections. Among the different lines available, here are a few of the current best sellers:

• Germany
• Holland
• New York City Ballet
• Nicki Minaj
• Designer Series

Of course there are plenty more including choices from the Soft Shades by OPI or the Brights by OPI. The bottom line is that with so many selections around now and more coming soon, there are more than enough amazing, fun, flirty, modern and innovative choices for your nail color.

GelColor by OPI

One of the latest innovative advancements in nail color from this brand is the GelColor. It has quickly become a hit for salons and patrons for many reasons including:

• It comes in a variety of already classic shades established by the best-selling brand.
• The GelColor offers intense shine that beats what you get from traditional polish.
• This line has ability to last weeks – much longer than standard polish.
• The curing time is literally about half a minute, so salon patrons can be on their way almost immediately after their manicure or pedicure

If you aren’t already familiar with the colors available for classic OPI shades and the new GelColor, here are some examples of those famous hues:

• Cajun Shrimp
• Bastille My Heart
• Vampsterdam
• Miami Beet
• Big Red Apple
• Schnapps Out of It!
• Pink Flamenco
• Strawberry Margarita
• Bubble Bath
• And so many more fun and exciting colors and names

Do a little research and you will see why this nail polish brand has become all the rage for nail salons and their patrons. When it comes to getting wild and crazy, OPI nail polish is a winner, hands down.

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