Summer Infant SwaddleMe Microfleece

SwaddleMe MicrofleeceSwaddling is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years.  This tradition is still practiced in many parts of the world.  Swaddling newborn babies and infants has been gaining popularity in the US and parts of Europe because parents have come to realize that it curbs crying in babies and helps them sleep more peacefully.  The Summer Infant SwaddleMe Microfleece with Velcro is specially designed to wrap up your baby snugly and stay in place.  A built-in leg pouch pops open for quick and convenient diaper changes.

Wraps Baby Snugly

These days even pediatricians recommend swaddling to comfort newborn babies.  Baby blankets are often difficult to wrap securely around the baby, but the Summer Infant SwaddleMe has specially designed wings to wrap around the baby’s body for a perfect fit.  Velcro tabs help keep the SwaddleMe in place so the baby can’t kick it off.  It keeps the baby’s arms securely against her body so she doesn’t startle herself awake.

The SwaddleMe is available in different sizes to get the best fit for your infant. The sizes are small, large, and 3-6 months.  This baby product comes in blue, pink, green, ivory and sage.

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Soft and Warm

The Summer Infant SwaddleMe is made of soft microfleece fabric that’s gentle on the skin and keeps your baby warm and comfortable.  The adjustable wings are easy to open to prevent overheating.  In cold weather, the SwaddleMe helps keep the baby warm and cozy.

Easy Diaper Changes

When using traditional blankets to swaddle an infant, you won’t be able to change the baby’s diaper without unwrapping him or her completely.  The Summar Infant SwaddleMe is designed with a leg pouch that pops down whenever you want to check the baby’s diaper.  There’s no need to unwrap the baby’s arms to change the diaper.

Great for Travel

SwaddleMe comes with harness access slits.  This means your swaddled infant can stay in the car seat or stroller.  Simply insert the safety harness through the access slits for safe and secure travel.

Benefits of Swaddling

The age-old technique of swaddling by wrapping the baby snugly in a blanket recreates the baby’s experience in the womb and helps him feel more secure, warm and comfortable.  Babies that are swaddled cry less and sleep longer. Swaddling limits the “startle reflex” where the baby waves his arms and kicks his legs while sleeping, and startles himself awake.

There is also some evidence that swaddling may reduce the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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