Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby CarrierWearing your baby in a carrier or sling is a time-honored tradition practiced by many cultures worldwide. There is scientific evidence showing that young babies thrive through touch, and baby wearing is one of the best ways to meet this need. It’s important to find a quality product that offers a safe and comfortable way to wear your baby. The Moby Wrap baby carrier is a popular cloth sling that is both stylish and functional. It comes with UV 50+ SPF to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Comfortable & Protective Cotton Fabric

Moby Wrap fabric slings are made from 100% pure soft cotton with one-way stretch that provides secure support for the baby while being comfortable for the wearer. The Moby Wrap UV baby carrier provides an extra layer of protection for newborn infants and babies with sensitive skin. It is made of natural cotton treated with the patented Rayosan technology by Clariant. Rayosan increases the fabric’s Sun Protection Factor without affecting its appearance, feel or breathability. Moby Wrap UV is ideal for protecting baby’s skin before the recommended age for sunscreen use.

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Ergonomic and Secure Support

The Moby Wrap is wide enough to wrap over both shoulders. It is designed for use over the entire back and both shoulders to support the baby’s weight. Unlike other baby slings or carriers that come with narrow straps or go across one shoulder only, the Moby Wrap is comfortable and easy to wear. There are no buckles, fasteners or snaps that can be uncomfortable for baby or the wearer. It comes with an instructional guide that shows you how to wear your baby in a number of ways.

The fit of the Moby Wrap UV can be adjusted by varying how tightly you wrap it around yourself and the baby. It provides a snug and secure hold and also supports the baby’s head under the cotton fabric.

Suitable for Preemies to 35-lb Babies

The Moby Wrap UV is long enough to accommodate a growing baby. Moby Wrap fabrics are 5-1/2 meters long and can support a baby weighing up to 45 pounds. Most people, however, are comfortable carrying a baby that weighs no more than 35 pounds.

All babies benefit from being close to the mom’s or dad’s body. Preemies, in particular, gain weight faster and are healthier when they are constantly touched and held close. The Moby Wrap is the best way to provide the physical contact that young babies crave.

What Customers Say

Most of the reviews for the Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF Baby Carrier are positive, with customers saying that they love the wrap. Users say it allows them to keep their hands free while wearing the baby. The close body contact offered by the wrap helps soothe babies and keeps them calm. Babies fall asleep easily when carried in the wrap.

The Moby Wrap is easy to put on and adjust but customers say that it takes a little time to get on. You also need to practice to get the hang of fitting it properly around you and the baby.

A few customers complained that the wrap is too thick and warm to wear in summer or hot weather. Some people also found the wrap too long, so that some of the fabric touches the floor when putting it on.

The Moby Wrap UV 50+ SPF baby carrier may not be perfect for everyone but most customers say they love it and highly recommend it to others. They find it comfortable to use and it allows them to wear the baby in different ways. The wrap comes in a variety of attractive colors and patterns.

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