Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support

Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body SupportIf your infant’s head slumps or lolls around when he is seated in the stroller, swing or car seat, it’s time to buy the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler.  The Snuzzler provides complete head and body support for infants and can be adjusted upward as your baby grows.  This support product works with all types of harness systems including 3-point and 5-point harness.  It keeps your infant comfortable and safe in his stroller, swing, bouncy seat, or jogging stroller.

Provides Complete Head and Body Support

The award-winning Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus is padded on the sides to prevent head flop particularly when the baby is sleeping.  It also helps keep the baby’s torso in the proper posture.  The Snuzzler’s unique contours provide open-ended strap openings that accommodate all harness styles.  There is no need to thread and unthread the harness straps.  All you have to do is drop the Snuzzler on the seat and pull the straps through the openings. Adjust the head support at the right height using the convenient Velcro tabs and you’re ready to go!  You can also switch the Snuzzler between baby seats very easily.

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Comfortable for Baby

Not only does the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler provide the best support for baby’s head and neck, it also keeps baby comfortable.  The Snuzzler is reversible.  One side is covered in soft terry cloth and is ideal for warmer climates.  When it’s cold, you can use the other side of the Snuzzler, which uses a warm fabric that is perfect for cold weather.

Best Uses for the Snuzzler

Young babies are often too small to fit snugly in most baby seats.  Because of this, the baby’s head wobbles or slumps along with his body.  It is not safe for a baby to sit in a stroller or car seat that does not provide the right support for the head and body.  The Snuzzler provides the extra support infants and young babies need when riding in a car or stroller.  The padding is only on the sides.  There is no padding behind the baby that could interfere with the safety of a car seat or car harness

Is the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Safe for Car Seat Use?

While the manufacturer of Snuzzler claims that the Snuzzler does not have a negative impact on the safety of car harnesses, safety experts advise against the use of this product in car seats.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there should be no extra cushioning under or behind the baby because it could keep the harness from being snug. This is ironic because the NHTSA approves the use of towels to support the baby’s head and neck.  The Snuzzler stays in place better than any towel and is much safer to use.

It may be prudent, though, to avoid using the Snuzzler in car seats because the car seat’s warranty may be voided if anything is added.  However, the Snuzzler can be safely used in strollers and swings.

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