Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo JumperooBabies need a lot of activities to stimulate their physical and mental development, especially during their first year.  The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is an excellent product that will do just this.  This comes with a spinning seat that will allow your baby to hop, spin and play with colorful toys within his reach.  The Luv U Zoo will help your baby develop his motor skills and hand-eye coordination while having fun.

Popular Jumper and Activity Center

It’s crucial for babies to be physically active, and this provides an entertaining way for babies to develop their motor skills.  Baby can safely jump in the spinning seat and be entertained by lights, sound and music.  Colorful toys stimulate baby’s visual sense while a variety of textures in the toys provide tactile stimulation.  Jumping and spinning encourage the development of gross motor skills while grabbing and touching help develop hand-eye coordination.

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Stand-alone Jumper

Traditional jumpers are installed in the middle of a door frame, but the Luv U Zoo is designed with a sturdy tripod support that allows your baby to do it safely.  The sturdy steel frame comes with non-slip footings and can stand alone.  It doesn’t have to be secured to anything.

The spinning seat is made of fabric for comfort.  The seat height can be adjusted to three positions to accommodate your growing baby.  The springs come with soft covers to protect your baby’s fingers.

360 Degrees of Fun

This is surrounded by toys in almost every direction.  Because the seat spins in a full circle, your baby can play with each toy.  There are toys to develop different motor skills such as spinning, reaching, pulling and grabbing.  The music, lights and sounds can be switched on and off.  This also comes with a low and high volume setting for the music.

Portable and Easy to Store

The Luv U Zoo baby jumper is easy to put together and just as easy to take apart.  It is compact and weighs about 20 pounds.  This can easily fit in your car for transport, or in your closet for storage when not in use.

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