1990s Cartoons

1990s CartoonsWhat are some of the best 1990s cartoons? If you had to narrow down your favorite choices, could you do it? Even if you were not a child in that time period, it is likely that you got the chance to watch at least one or two of these. Maybe you were a baby sitter and watched them with the young ones that you were watching, or maybe as a new parent, you were curious about the cartoons that your children were watching. Even if there were no children around, some of these cartoons were so well made and honestly so funny that you just sat down and watched them alone.

One of the best of the lot is still being shown on certain cartoon networks alongside others from other eras. Dexter’s Laboratory features an overly smart boy scientist who occasionally allows himself to act like a child but is most frequently dealing with his sister in his super secret lab. His clueless parents do not notice that he creates things nor does his older, less intelligent sister rat him out, a shocking thing. While other little boys his age are trying to master simple math concepts, Dexter is busy trying to create yet another amazing invention and fending off his arch nemesis, Mandark.

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Hey Arnold was another of the amazing cartoons from the 1990s. Crudely drawn, the teens had unique shapes that made up part of their characters. Arnold, for instance, has a football shaped head while his best friend’s head is shaped like an opened tin can. The amusing part is that the other characters make fun of one another because of these funny shapes, often referring to Arnold as “football head”.

The Animaniacs is another favorite and was comprised of cartoons within a cartoon. In addition to the three main characters, Wakko, Yakko and Dot, there are other characters that sometimes intermingle with the others. It was such a popular hit that there was a full length movie that included the entire cast and some very amazing musical numbers.

There were other cartoons of the era, including some of the Japanese animation that was made popular by people’s obsession with certain types of games. Pokemon was a card game that featured different creatures that could take on other characteristics when they were “trained”. A cartoon showing how some of these battles played out was very popular in the time period as well. There were many of these types of shows that were highly popular and marketable 1990s cartoons.

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