1980s Cartoons

1980s cartoonsMost of the 1980s cartoons have made it to the big screen after being made into live action or the so called blended movies where the characters are both real people and computer generated. Other cartoons of that decade were made about popular video and arcade games, with most of the plot line based on how the game is played.

The Transformers – Three blockbuster movies have been created from an animated series popular in the ‘80s. Not only have the live action films spawned epic box office returns, they made Megan Fox a household name and turned Shia LeBeouf into a mega star. The soundtrack from movies one and two sold like crazy, and merchandise literally flew off of the shelves. Dedicated fans still flock to the animated version and collectors still buy the classic toys.

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Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters – There was a little bit of reverse action in bringing this cartoon to life. This was not one that was made into a live action movie after the fact, but rather a cartoon that was based directly on a movie. Ghostbusters, the movie, was wildly popular and the creators of the cartoon took one of the minor, side players (Slimer, the ectoplasm entity that slimes Bill Murray’s character) and made him the star.

Inspector Gadget – Although the movie version may not have been a blockbuster hit, it was still warmly received and did feature some pretty interesting special effects. The original cartoon version featured Gadget as a Maxwell Smart knock off character, getting himself into as many problems and jams as possible. He was saved by his dog and his niece more often than not, but was completely sure that he had done it all for himself!

Garfield and Friends – Based on the popular comic strip, Garfield the Cat and his hapless, unlucky in love owner, Jon Arbuckle were featured in the cartoon that also had other characters in their own cartoons as well. Funny animals on a farm, including a duck that was afraid of water, were interspersed with shows featuring the fat cat and his own exploits, usually in pursuit of food or a nap.

GI Joe – Which came first the cartoon or the toy? GI Joe has been a popular toy, going from the 12 Inch Poseable Doll to the smaller action figure. There have been new members added to the Joe Team from time to time. There has been a cartoon series and more.

Rumor has it that He Man and the Masters of the Universe is about to capitalize on the trend of bringing these 1980s cartoons to life, but there has been no concrete information released.

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