B. Meowsic Keyboard

Whether your child is a budding musician or simply loves to sing along to jaunty songs, the B. Meowsic keyboard is just the thing. Designed with fun in mind, the keys on the B. Meowsic Keyboard are the teeth of the cat, and children can play along with songs or try and make up their own with this fully interactive … Read More

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Any parent can tell you that babies and young children are fascinated by mobile phones. They see Mom and Dad using smartphones throughout the day, and they want their own! Enter the VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone. The Touch and Swipe Baby Phone is VTech’s answer for children desperate to get their hands on their parents’ smartphones. The toy … Read More

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

You get an idea from the product’s name that the Spin and Learn Color Flashlight from VTech is much more than a simple children’s light-up toy. Communication skills, counting, color and sound identification, as well as motor skill development, are all so important for toddlers during their formative years, and this product supports all those skills and more. This inexpensively … Read More

VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier

Young children love playing with toys that help them discover new things – and the VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier is designed to do just that. It’s an affordable electronic learning toy, in the form of a car carrier with small cars and animal characters included, with a number of activities available to toddlers. Keep reading to find out … Read More

UDI RC 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter

The UDI RC 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter is one of the most popular remote control copters on the market today. UDI are a big name in RC copters, and much is expected of their drones. The 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter is marketed as a great starter copter for those who don’t have a huge amount of experience flying … Read More

Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack

Along the lines of the drawing party game Pictionary comes Telestrations. Most party drawing games work on basically the same premise. A word or phrase is chosen randomly, then a player must attempt to draw a fair enough representation of that word or phrase so that team members can guess it correctly. But Telestrations has a wonderful new twist on … Read More